Capacity Building

UNIDO carries out a wide range of capacity building initiatives targeting public and private business support and advisory institutions working with SMEs.

We organize courses as well as on-the-job training for local experts enabling them to support companies in the implementation of socially and environmentally responsible business practices. Thereby, they will gain the skills they need in order to be able to offer CSR-related services after the completion of a project to SMEs and respective support institutions on a sustainable basis. During the trainings UNIDO’s approach to CSR – the Triple Bottom Line approach (TBL) – is illustrated and all the relevant aspects of it (economic, environmental and social domains) are covered. Parts of the UNIDO CSR training material (including REAP) are translated into the local languages and adapted to country-specific situations and sector-specific particularities, as deemed appropriate.

In addition, UNIDO qualifies local experts to become so-called “mentors” who will be able to provide training to other experts in a country or region on the basis of a train-the-trainers concept. Since this is a longer process, these future mentors will attend several trainings as well as all other relevant seminars and conferences and actively participate in a project carried out by UNIDO. 

UNIDO's training-the-trainers programme aims at equipping local industry and energy efficiency experts with the expertise, methodologies and tools required to develop and implement energy system optimization projects and practices.


List of trainings conducted in year 2019
S no   Name of Event  Engagement Dates Location 



Consultative Workshop on Promoting Energy Efficiency and Conservation for Sustainable and Greener Pakistan

80 Energy Professionals/ Public sector organizations/academia

15 - April 2019

Marriott hotel, Islamabad

The aim of the workshop was to inculcate policy level interventions that could be incorporated in the National Integrated Energy Plan being developed by the PM Task Force on Energy Reforms to achieve a long-term Energy Security in Country


Coordination meeting, Implementation of ISO -50001-2018 based Energy Management System (EnMS) and Energy Optimization program in Industrial Clusters

23 Energy Professionals

23rd July 2019

UNIDO Office , Serena Business Complex , Islamabad

Presentation on UNIDO's methodology for the implementation of EnMS highlighting objectives, key milestones, expected results , standardize documentation and best practices by International Consultant Dr. Eugenia Soboleva and feed back.


Launch Event- Implementation of ISO -50001-2018 based Energy Management System (EnMS) and Energy Optimization program in Industrial Clusters

100 people from govt, private sector, Energy Professionals,  Media, International Donors, etc

24th July 2019

Marriott hotel, Islamabad

The aim of this workshop was to bring all the selected consortia members (Consultants) and Beneficiaries (Industry) for EnMS activity to one platform. This event was an opportunity to introduce and strengthen the connectivity through the cluster approach and to highlight the importance of the EnMS activities and its impact to the industrial sector.  This workshop will also enabled consortia to provide brief on their plans and motivate the industrial top management to make commitment for active participation in this program


Consultative meeting for development of 1st Biomass Cluster in Pakistan

18 Energy Professionals



Discussion on the Biomass Cluster TORS, its sustainibility strategy and partnership support mechanisms


consultative stakeholders workshop with consultants  to discuss the R3E cluster approach and  its support mechanisms

15-20 Energy Professionals / technology vendors


PEECA Office , Lahore

Discussions held for formulating the operational structure of the cluster, its support mechanisms and sustainable business case


Consortia coordination meeting

25 Energy Professionals

8th october  2019

SBC, Islamabad

To make coordination mechanism and align the upcoming acitivites of EnMS


Consortia coordination meeting

20 Energy Professional

9th October 2019

SBC, Islamabad

Shared understanding of the ISO 50001:2018 requirements  and training best practices for delivering EnMS content and skills to Beneficiaries as well as to to promote consortia members capacities in terms of EnMS related knowledge transfer capabilities,
- discuss and harmonize training approaches within the project and agreed on potential best practices to follow


Stakeholders Consultative Workshop for Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Cluster in Pakistan

Around 50 people from Govt, Private sector, Energy professionals

11th Dec 2019

Serena Hotel, Islamabad

Consultative session was held to make R3E cluster operationalize


Stakeholders Consultative Workshop for Development of Renewable Energy Financing Instrument for SMEs -

30 People mainly from Energy fields, Financial Sector, banking and non banking financial

12th Dec 2019

Ramada Hotel, Islamabad

The consultative session was held to get input from the participants on how to create fund for supporting RE/ EE  financial instrument