Solar Energy

Photovoltaic technology has made great strides in the recent years. With the help of newly developed solar panels, the energy of the sun can be converted most efficiently into electricity and stored in batteries, with far less investments. Due to ample sunshine in a wide range of developing  countries, photovoltaic systems can offer a best alternative to provide basic energy services in on and off-grid areas. Possible productive uses include lighting, running small mechanised equipments, powering information and communication technology equipment. Solar panels can significantly reduce energy running costs for businesses, provide free electricity during daylight hours and offer multiple additional revenue streams. While the technology has improved and costs have been reduced, a solar PV system is not only becoming  a protection against ever-rising retail energy prices, but also becoming a source of producing additional profit, by providing access to financial incentives as well as opportunities to sell power back to the grid.

On a corporate and business perspective, solar systems installations also serve as a commitment of a firm’s corporate social responsibility, with the  proof that efforts are being made to reduce CO2 emissions, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.