Pilot Projects

Over the past two decades, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) has invested in a portfolio of sustainable energy projects  in partnership with UNIDO, with an emphasis on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and urban transport. These projects address many different national priorities including infrastructure, technologies, policies, best practices, institutions, and capacity building. It is crucial that the progress of industries should be focused on addressing energy poverty, energy security and climate change simultaneously. UNIDO has consistently promoted industrial development in an environmentally friendly manner and recognizes the adoption and increased use of renewable energy as key measures to meet these challenges. These energy efficiency, renewable energy and urban transport projects contributed to the direct reduction a number of billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Other tangible environmental benefits also flowed from these GEF investments. Case studies of representative projects are presented to illustrate lessons learned from the energy efficiency, renewable, energy, and urban transport investments. Experiences from GEF investments can inform development and implementation of future sustainable energy investments.