Pilot Projects

We live in an age that re-defines the discoveries of the past into rigorous innovations for the future. Times require the present man-power to replenish its empirical resources to help maintain the ideal ecosystem for the world to live on. At the cusp of such proceedings and countless reforms set in play, UNIDO has officially begun to promote Renewable Energy investment schemes throughout the industrial sector of the country. It has been determined that a prominent bunch of corporate entities have affirmatively agreed to provide funds for an upcoming Solar PV/Biomass power generation innovation, something of a far-cry symphony left unnoticed until now.

Shams Power Limited’s role in ‘turning the pivot’

The aforementioned project has been strongly recognized by big companies in the industry and a few of them have already signed to be a part of something that would name them in history’s record books. Hereon Shams Power, co-aligned with PITCO, Orient and Saba power have jointly agreed to pursue spoils in the upcoming pursuit for innovation. They bring with them a productive expertise in the arts of IPP investment, Operations & Maintenance for IPPs, and prior experience in manufacturing facilities in an advisement capacity.

Shams Power aims to install small to medium scaled projects that would ascertain a cumulative power generation capacity of 5 MW based on insusceptible PV Solar Power technology. This state-of-the-art reform will be enabled under the very recent contractual agreements between UNIDO and Shams Power. The technical and financial sanctum of UNIDO has been tasked with providing suitable support for the project under GEF5 funding facility. Operations are expected to commence with a few weeks’ time.

The total investment of the whole distributed power project is expected to be around $ (US) 7.15 million. All the small scale PV installations, under this project, are estimated to be paid back in less than 3 years. The GEF funding will bring IRR of the project to a comfortable level for the investor, and will introduce the new B2B power supply model to industry, by which industry will get power at reduced cost, without making major investment for the purpose.

This project will surely help Shams Power to transform into a leading IPP company that possesses the ability to finance and design solar-powered projects throughout the country’s demographic. Apart from inevitable economic cutbacks in the future, it has been determined that GHG emission will reduce by about 4.25 kt CO2 per annum.

To be or not to be, this project pivots strong precedent in favour of Pakistan’s latent energy crisis. Changes are expected to be made, yet the UNIDO-Shams collaboration is bound to bring one of the biggest improvements in the energy sector throughout the industry.